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March 10th, 2005
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♥♥♥ according to my mom my name "averyll" is derived from the Goddess of 18th Century "Emeryl" the Goddess of beauty and complexion(ahem..ahaha)but nowadays it is mostly used as boys' name which means "fighting boar". and actually it is pronounce as the diphthong "ei"(eg.air) but few of my friends really finds hard to pronounce it correctly so it became short a. joyce.?!i really don't know where it came from... maybe from baby's book...haha..nah...just kiddin'.. maybe my parents wanted me to be happy all the time ..and maybe when i came out from my mother's womb... i laughed instead...haha...*o diba astig.. pinanganak na tumatawa..sounds weird ayt??!!!*haha... ♥ i am ♥ [+] 5'4 in height [+] fair complexion [+] STRAIGHT HAIR(thanks to rebond:))) [+] kikay [+] mall diva ♥ i act ♥ [+] innocent [+] witty [+] humorous [+] strong yet weak [+] childlike * i may be young in some things but I can be mature enough for serious things ** most of my friends are younger than me ** i am more attracted to younger boys..BOOM!AHAHA! **in general,i never call them "guys",i always call them boys..maybe it's a superiority complex..pretty ironic right?LOL! ♥ i love ♥ [+] GOD [+] family [+] friends [+]chocolate-my bestest friend ever!(kahit anu basta chocolate..AHEM:))) [+] bags [+] shoes [+]to smileXDDDit can brighten up other's day...tama? [+] fashion [+] shopping [+] PINK!stuffs..which sometimes turnin out to red but pink talaga haha..labo [+] bonding and hanging out with my friends [+] chitchats and talkin talks [+] music [+] to sing and dance but miserably they don't love me back..LOL! ♥ what makes me smile ♥ [+] GOD fearing people [+] sincerity and integrity [+] sweetness [+] thoughtfulness [+] humble [+] simplicity [+] and the simplest form of making me smile is remembering me out of your busy day:D
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